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The Journal of Behavioral Finance is a source for sophisticated analysis of developments in the rapidly expanding new area in the world of finance, behavioral finance. In The Journal of Behavioral Finance, leaders in many fields are brought together to address the implications of current work on individual and group emotion, cognition, and behavior in markets. They include specialists in personality, social, cognitive and clinical psychology; psychiatry; organizational behavior; accounting; marketing; sociology; anthropology; behavioral economics; finance and the multidisciplinary study of judgment and decision making. This journal fosters debate among groups who have keen insights into the behavioral patterns of markets. Further, The Journal of Behavioral Finance strives to stimulate new interdisciplinary research and theory that will build a body of knowledge about psychological influences on market fluctuations and contribute to a new understanding of markets that can improve investment decision making. Offering penetrating insights into the performance of today's financial markets, The Journal of Behavioral Finance is an indispensable resource for academics and practitioners who want to utilize behavioral concepts to understand the "how, what, when and where" of investing.

Practitioners and researchers in the field of finance; specialists in behavioral economics; personality, social, and clinical psychologist; psychiatrists; specialists in organizational behavior, accounting, marketing and consumer behavior, and the multidisciplinary study of judgment and decision making; economic sociologists and anthropologists and anyone interested in behavior in financial markets.


* The two leading business/finance indexers:
(i) Prosource.
(ii) EBSCO (Business Source Premier Publications).

* The leading economics indexes:
(i) J. Economic Literature and EconLit: A leading economics index.
(ii) AEA (American Economic Association) electronic indexes.

* Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection.

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The Journal of Behavioral Finance seeks to publish articles that focus on the role of psychology in investment decisions and financial market fluctuations. Interdisciplinary papers and an emphasis on knowledge that can be used to improve the quality of decision making are welcome. Papers should be written for a broad audience that includes practitioners.

Authors submitting papers should follow closely the guidelines in "Instructions for Contributors" that also appear on the inside back cover of each issue.




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